Business model

Stable position

SPEC BRUK offers a well organised system of investment realisation on formal, organisational technical and realisation level. We respond to our Customers’ needs by proposing the best solutions so that each investment brings optimal benefits while simultaneously being environmentally friendly. Our experienced team of engineers alongside high quality of provided services performed with the use of modern equipment constitute our biggest assets. Thanks to our Customers’ trust who keep ordering new projects we extend the scope of our know-how year by year and we enter into cooperation with an ever greater group of specialists thus extending the range of provided services.

Strategy of growth

Our goal relies in strengthening of our position as the leading road construction company realising complex road works, logistic works and large scale machine earthworks. We reach European level of quality and work efficiency thanks to our team for whom the most important principles are: professionalism, responsibility and persistence.

Investment in human resources and technology

The stabilised structure of the company provides us with the possibility of efficient functioning and engaging into various tasks in several locations simultaneously through the creation of specialised working teams. Our extensive modern machine park constitutes the basis for our mobility, speed of operation and high quality of performed works.

This solution allows us to use the company’s resources in an optimal manner which results in winning trust among both corporate and public partners.